Look Who’s Here!

Welcome to the online home of Ajo’s artists.

Here, in time, you will hopefully find a wealth of information about art and art-related activities in and around Ajo, AZ. And from further afield, too, as many of us live or spend time in other places for part of the year.

This will also be a place where you can share information about art in general or yours in particular.

We are a varied and creative group — painters and watercolorists, potters, sculptors, silversmiths, beaders and weavers and quilters. We work with wood and metal and stained glass. We draw and sketch and photograph. And that’s not all. We act and sing and dance. We teach classes and workshops. We put on plays. We open our studios and invite you to visit.

Whether you are an artist or someone who is interested in the arts in general we hope you find lots here to keep you coming back. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Look Who’s Here!

  1. What a beautiful beginning for the New Year. The Blog site is very professionally done! Looking forward to seeing links to the artists with their pics and portfolio.
    Cheers, K

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