Second Saturday in the Plaza

The second Saturday of most months finds all sorts of things happening in Ajo. One of the most popular events takes place under the arches at the Plaza.

Shortly after 8 in the morning cars and trucks begin arriving near the Oasis Cafe. People start unloading tables and chairs, baskets and boxes, easels, paintings, crafts, fresh food from local gardens, fresh bread and buns, and more. It’s part Farmers’ Market, part Arts & Crafts Show and part Just Plain Fun.

By 9 o’clock, things are in full swing. The Oasis is open for business and people are sipping coffee or hot chocolate as they browse the tables and visit with friends and other early-morning shoppers.

You can buy fresh Ajo Sour Orange Marmalade (it’s scrumptious) made from oranges grown in Ajo. Or if you’re feeling playful buy a set of balls and learn to juggle. Perhaps a new pair of earrings or a shiny bracelet? How about a painting to hang on the wall?

There’s lots to see and enjoy. The next Second Saturday is February 11. See you there!

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