Sonoran Shindig Photo Contest

Once again, the Shindig had a great photo exhibit hosted by the Cabeza Prieta Natural History Association. Over 250 people voted for their favorites among the 137 entries in the 2012 exhibit “Celebrating the Sonoran Desert”.

Lani sets up voting materials

Best-in-Show honors –  Michelle Angel with her Sonoran sunset, looking like a quilted sky, from the Patterns in the Desert category.

Michelle Angel won Best in Show and First in Desert Patterns

People in the Desert  – 1st, Adrianne Rankin’s petroglyph photo. She also took 2nd with a photo of an ancient pot left behind by peoples long gone from this place. 3Rd, John Rodall, a line of hikers in a black and white photo.

Desert Places – 1st John Rodall with a colorful picture of a window frame at Victoria Mine.   2nd, Donna Verran, the ranch house at Alamo Canyon. 3rd Wendee Clouthier, a black and white photo of a “Left Behind” watering tank from the historic days of Ajo.

Desert Landscapes –  1st Karen Johnson a brillant red sky sunset, 2nd Darlene Reddick the cottonwood tree at Quitobacquito Pond,  also tied for 2nd, John Rodall’s rock formation “A Lion in the Desert”.  3rd, Karen Doolin’s interesting clouds that became “Three Angels Over Ajo”.

Desert Plants – 1st Robin Russell a side view of cactus flowers, 2nd Sharon Wilson, poppies surrounding a “driftwood” mesquite log.  3rd was another tie between Robin Russel’s cactus photo and Darlene Reddick’s red cactus flowers.

Sharon Wilson's "Driftwood" Second Place in "Desert Patterns" Category


Desert Animals – 1st Darlene Reddick, two burros looking out from behind a saguaro, aptly titled “Peek-a-Burro”.  2nd. Tony Friesen with a magnificent  horned owl coming in for a landing with wings spread wide.    3Rd, Darlene Reddick  –  two look-alike burros, maybe even sisters, peering at the camera.

Patterns in the Desert – 1st Michelle Angel, who also took Best in Show.  2nd, Adrianne Rankin’s “Sand Patterns” created by the wind in the desert, and 3rd, Mary Donald with a different look at a mesquite tree.

Show co-chair Joyce Morrison noted, after she was asked if you had to live in Ajo to enter, that these talented photographers come to enjoy the Sonoran Desert from all over, from Georgia, to Alberta, BC and “Beyond” as well as living and working right here in Ajo.

Morrison, and co-chair Lani Lockwood encourage everyone to plan for next year’s photo show. Photos are not limited to the year of the exhibit, only the Sonoran desert. Lockwood added that this is a vast expanse from east of Tucson, north to Kingman and down into Mexico.  “Think of possibilities!” she said.

Submitted by Lani Lockwood

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