New Work — Marilyn Jackson

This is Marilyn’s latest work.

She writes: “I was working on this painting and feeling a bit guilty about being so far behind on our subject matter paintings, so I put some clouds in the background — I like it so much better now. How good is that!”

It was worth the wait, Marilyn.

Week 3: Shadows — Sun, Sand and Snow

The topic for Week 3 of our ever-expanding Virtual Art group was shadows.

This drawing is Marlene Dixon’s first virtual art entry … thanks to Mike for the technical assistance in submitting the photo. Marlene writes: “My pictures are pretty simple, but it was fun to try to get some good shadows.”

Wendee Cloutier took this shot at the Gatlin Site, near Gila Bend, AZ. A group of Ajo artists enjoyed a day of plein air there.

And this from me, Sally Banks. This winter wonderland awaited us on our return from the sunny south. Only took us an hour to dig our way into our yard. Gotta love spring. 🙂

Week 4’s topic is pets.

If you’d like to join our virtual group, please use the contact form. The group is open to any artists, no matter where you are. No meetings. No agendas. No deadlines. Just a weekly topic that you can choose to work on or not. We’ll send you details on how to submit pieces if you’d like to share them on this blog.

Virtual Art Week 2: Cactus Flowers

I found this buckhorn cholla on the desert west of the Five Acres. Most of the buckhorn blooms I’ve seen have been yellow with a strip of red/magenta running the length of each petal.

But I was in for a surprise yesterday when I was out hiking — I actually found two cholla plants with this striking color.

And who be me? I’m Sally Banks, web master (or is that mistress:-)?) of this blog. I’m a beader and a photographer — captivated by color in all its varied hues.

Virtual Art Week 1: What’s Cookin?

The art scene in Ajo is slowly winding down after a busy winter season. Those “from away” are packing up and leaving for northern climes. Those who live here year-round continue to enjoy warm days and cactus blooms. 🙂

Marilyn Jackson, past chair of the Desert Artist Guild, has started a virtual artists’ group as a way to continue to create and share ideas over the summer months.

“The virtual art group will be any member, any medium, weekly art theme,” writes Marilyn. “This week it’s a kitchen theme. I must have been hungry! Anyway, if those who wish to participate could email me with their names and email address we can make a list. We can send photos to each other and to the blog. Who knows, we could even try to have a group show in the fall.”

Photographer Wendee Cloutier is the first entry in the kitchen category.

“This was Karen and Greg’s kitchen in their wonderful house in Machias, ME. Not the best lighting for a photograph but loved all the things in it.”

A Maine Kitchen

Marilyn turned to acrylics for her project.

What creative things are happening in your kitchen?

This week’s challenge: cactus flowers. Lots of inspiration out there right now. Maybe I’ll enter a photograph. 🙂

Celebrating the Desert

In conjunction with the recent Tri-National Sonoran Desert Symposium, the Cafeteria Gallery mounted a show to celebrate this very special place..

I was particularly drawn to the watercolors by Sells, AZ artist Michael Chiago Sr. It’s the first time I’d seen his work — I loved the bright colors and the scenes he chose to depict. Others obviously did too. I saw lots of red “sold” stickers on his pieces.

Patty Tucker is another artist whose work draws in the eye. It’s constructed from a piece of palm frond. When I first saw this piece it reminded me of a giant moth resting on the wall. Neat stuff.

The desert certainly inspires new ways of looking at the world.