“Hang it Again, Sam”

It was a lovely evening for the official opening of the Plaza Gallery’s first show. Last week artists got a chance to view the new “digs.” Last night everyone was invited to check it out.

Thanks to the many people who made the evening so enjoyable including ISDA’s Tracy Taft (glass fusion artist), the Print Shop’s Victor Garcia (artist), and Regina Browne (fabric artist). And a special thanks to artist Valerie Ushcuk for pulling all the art work together.

The Print Shop, Art Stop, the Plaza Gallery and Repeat Performance (artist Jovita’s beautiful new store) all call this corner of the Plaza “home”. Together they offer an amazing array of art, clothing, accessories and other things for sale. It’s well worth a visit.

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Ajo’s Art Stop

In addition to Ajo’s spacious new Plaza Gallery, there is another new and equally impressive place to visit — the Art Stop. And guess what? The two places are side by side so you can easily browse the two together.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Art Stop is an amazing collection of work — pottery and paintings, stained glass, watercolors, fabric art and folk art, jewelry, handmade paper and more. Creativity lives in Ajo!

New Gallery Opens in Ajo

Just For Ajo Artists!  That was the wording on the invitation to yesterday’s special opening. It was a first opportunity for artists to see what a show would look like in the new Plaza Gallery.

Until last summer the Cafeteria Gallery was the main home for art shows in Ajo. However, that space became dedicated to another use and it seemed that artists were going to be without a place for shows.

Long story short? Artists now have a new home, and one with much more exposure to potential buyers. While the Cafeteria Gallery was enjoyed by many it was not on a well-travelled road and many people were unaware of it.

The Plaza Gallery is, as its name suggests, in the Plaza — and the Plaza is right in the heart of Ajo. It’s a popular spot for townsfolk and visitors alike and sure to draw far more people than the Cafeteria Gallery.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Val Uschuk spearheaded this first show in conjunction with ISDA (International Sonoran Desert Alliance). She and her co-workers did a wonderful job hanging the work. Judging by comments at the opening, the show and the space are a success.

In addition to hanging art on the walls, artists began talking about how to use the open space in other ways.

Some said they’d like to set up easels or tables to demonstrate their work. Others suggested offering classes. Some thought it would be fun to have a regular informal gathering of artists where they could work and visit with each other.

With ideas already percolating, it’s an exciting time to be making art in Ajo!

Second Saturday in December

Second Saturdays in the Plaza are becoming popular with artisans, browsers and buyers.

December 8 was a great turnout — produce, baked goods, arts and crafts were all on display. The Oasis Cafe is also open, offering a variety of beverages and food to go.

Click on any photo for a larger view.

Join us for the next Second Saturday — January 12 — in the Ajo Plaza.

Federated Church Art Show

The Desert Artist Guild held a successful show last week at the Federated Church in Ajo. (Click on a photo for a larger view.)

The show was well attended and several artists made sales. Pat Rigdon won the People’s Choice Award for her piece titled Picture Posies.

DAG artists are now busy preparing for the annual month-long show that opens early in January.

DAG Meeting

Diane Carnright hosted the recent Desert Artist Guild meeting on her patio. It was an enthusiastic gathering with lots of ideas to discuss for the upcoming season.

Joyce Chaney updated the group about the one-day Federated Church Show last weekend, the most successful show there in recent years. DAG also gained several new members.

Lots of news for artists

Lots of news for artists

DAG members discussed several options for the annual juried art show in January as well as an Artists’ Festival and Plein Air in the Plaza to be held in conjunction with the Fiddlers’ show and the Quilt show happening at the beginning of February. More news about all these events will follow.

All in all these are exciting times to be an artist in Ajo. 🙂