Ajo’s Art Stop

In addition to Ajo’s spacious new Plaza Gallery, there is another new and equally impressive place to visit — the Art Stop. And guess what? The two places are side by side so you can easily browse the two together.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Art Stop is an amazing collection of work — pottery and paintings, stained glass, watercolors, fabric art and folk art, jewelry, handmade paper and more. Creativity lives in Ajo!

2 thoughts on “Ajo’s Art Stop

  1. The Ajo Plaza Art Gallery is a tremendous idea! Everyone had so much fun and sales when the gallery windows in the old store were the only place we had to show and sell. I think the open Plaza Gallery is a great place for meetings for all the local art leagues, even other groups in town like the quilters, etc.
    Also, I have a fundraising idea. If we need chairs to support a meeting, how about a fundraising for “buy a chair and have your painting put on the back of it”, like a transfer or for example Diane Carnright can paint an area on back of chair, I can paint part of a painting of mine on back of chair or we can find a way for the Epson printer to do a digital transfer painting of sculpture, jewelry to laminate on the back of the chairs, they can be just simple meeting type chairs or maybe all creative like diane’s. We need to think up more creative fundraising ideas. joyce dodd harcharik

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