Hedgehogs in Bloom

These are special days on the desert — new flowers are popping out everywhere. Right now the hedgehog cacti are stealing the show.

If you’re thinking of entering the Sonoran Shindig photo contest next spring, now’s a good time to grab your camera. And if you’re a painter or watercolorist thinking about next February’s Red Show in the Plaza Gallery, there’s no shortage of inspiration out there.

Click on any photo to see larger views in slide show format.

4 thoughts on “Hedgehogs in Bloom

  1. Hi Joyce … the ocotillo are in full bloom wherever you look. And the buckhorn cactus are just beginning. I think the heat is a bit much for the brittlebush as they seem to be dying back. Another spectacular site? The blue palo verde — the trees are draped in frothy yellow blooms. Quite stunning. Gotta love the desert at this time of year.

    • Yes, the desert is looking wonderful — I’m even enjoying the lizards and the snakes. 🙂 As for the email address, hmmm. I’ll have to check that out. Would you email again with a bit more detail about what happened and what you’re seeing?

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