West of Spokane

Artist Terry Gonzales spends his time between the deserts of southwestern Arizona and the Pacific northwest.

He writes: “This is an 8″ X 10″ oil on board done plein air west of Spokane, WA near the airport. Spokane has great western skies.”

Plein Air

If you’d like to see more of Terry’s work, check out his website.

6 thoughts on “West of Spokane

  1. Hi Terry! Really love the painting! Nothing like summers in Ajo when it comes to getting work done. I’ve finished seven paintings in the last month. Hugs to you and Claire.

  2. Hi Terry … this is Gayle Weyers in HOT Ajo. I love this new painting of yours. Gives me sort of a Van Gogh feeling! Miss you and Claire.

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