July Challenge — Mouse Catcher

I’m not sure if I could bead something for this month’s challenge but I can capture some of it in a photograph.

Our home in the woods is also home to wildlife. One of my favourite “neighbours” is the Great Grey Owl. Unlike many owls who awake just as we’re going to bed, the Great Grey is often seen during the day, especially when it’s overcast.

This handsome fellow spent several days hunting in our yard, perched on a poplar limb or sitting on the top rail of the garden fence.

Great Grey Owl

2 thoughts on “July Challenge — Mouse Catcher

  1. wow what a gorgeous picture…a photographer as well as all your other talents. It must be amazing to see him most days. Today we saw a yearling white tail on the beach. The black clouds were coming in and he looked frightened. Never have seen a deer so close to the campsites. After the black clouds we only got some rain but it did cool things off.

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