July Challenge — Mount Hood

Here’s Marilyn Jackson’s entry in the July Challenge.

Marilyn writes: “Here’s a painting I did the other day in a plein air group about 20 miles from our house. It was fun! We were at The White House above Hood River, OR. They have fields of you-pick flowers, wine tasting and views of Mt. Hood.”

Mount Hood - Marilyn Jackson

Love the colours, M!

4 thoughts on “July Challenge — Mount Hood

  1. hi Marilyn….I can see that you are keeping the creative process alive…your painting is lovely. I also am painting…it is a good summer..hope all is well with you..sherry

  2. Thanks, Sherry. I went for another plein air session on Thursday. I’ll send the photo to Sally (thank you, Sally!) asap. Keep painting and keep cool!

  3. beautiful Marilyn…looks like you are in a beautiful place for the summer and it is awesome that you can capture it in your painting.

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