Grow it, paint it, eat it!

Grow it, paint it, eat it. That’s the theme that artist Terry Gonzales suggested for our August Challenge. He and his wife, Claire Bistline, submitted these 3 pieces.

Terry Gonzales "Beets" Claire Bistline "Carrots" Claire Bistline "Radishes"

Terry writes: “We are having fun. These paintings are part of a fundraiser for the local county fairgrounds where 30 artists are participating. The beets are mine and the other two are Claire’s. Hers are done with acrylic on raw canvas and mine is oil on canvas.”

What have you been creating lately?

August Challenge

The summer is starting to fade here in northern climes — but there’s still time to take advantage of all it has to offer.

Our challenge to you this month (or what is left of it!) combines similar ideas from two artists. Marilyn Jackson suggested “Harvest” and Terry Gonzales suggested “Grow it. Paint it. Eat it.”

So that should give you lots of ideas. Remember this Challenge is open to all artists — in any medium. (For example, it could be “Grow it. Photograph it. Eat it.”) Here’s my entry in that category.


Look forward to seeing what you’re working on.

July Challenge — Mountain View

Here is another plein air painting by Marilyn Jackson.

She writes: “This is from an overlook by our house. I wanted to paint a field with cows and the mountain in the background,  but the cows weren’t there.”

Marilyn Jackson Aug 2013

“It’s 11×14 and done on oil. I was much happier with the color than I was with the last painting.  I can’t wait to get the back to the easel.”

I’m looking forward to seeing more from you too!