An Evening of Theatrical Intrigue

The Ajo Community Players are at it again! This time they’re producing three plays at once. This collection of one-act plays will hit the stage for two nights — January 17 and 18 — at the Dicus Auditorium in Ajo, AZ.

Murder By Midnight LogoMurder by Midnight
Hotel detective Dick Piston has his hands full with the clientele. “No man in his right mind would be alone in a room with a woman with a towel without at least a bottle of champagne and a half-order of oysters on the way.”

Growing Problem LogoA Growing Problem
Helen and Frank have started a relationship and their love has been growing for some time now. But so has one of Helen’s plants — and this may present some problems for their budding relationship. The thing is, Frank is a retired cop and Helen’s plant may be slightly illegal.

A Night Among the Dead — Or Are They?A Night Among The Dead Logo
A couple of old grave diggers, one retired and one soon to be,  share memories in the cemetery on a cool fall evening.  Until the not-quite-dead start arriving and interrupting the evening’s chit-chat.  Everyone has their hands full after that – including the audience!

Mark the dates on your calendar  and join us for an evening of murderously good fun!

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