Ajo Sketch Class

It looks like sketch class is going to be a great success — it certainly was yesterday. Eight artists arrived ready to draw, paint and/or sketch! Seona brought a coffee maker and cookies, which settled us down into concentration and total silence.

Our model was a young lady from Buckeye, a first-time poser who did a great job! To an artist, we would like to have a nude model to work from. Two artists volunteered to find someone to pose for us next Wednesday. Yes, there is a sketch class scheduled for next Wed., Dec. 11th, from 3:00-5:00 pm, Room 3 of the old elementary section at Curley School.

We agreed as a group to pay a $5 fee for the two hours. The room rent is $10 and the model gets $10 per hour. Any money left over after those fees are paid goes into a kitty for future rental/model fees.

We do need items that would enhance the model’s pose, such as tables, drapery, spot lights, a lamp and a chair (other than a folding one). In fact, anything that would be good for composition.

As mentioned above we are always going to need a model, someone who would pose nude. So artists, please hunt down that him or her who would be willing. Right now we are going from week to week with someone volunteering to find a model. Donated goodies are always welcome.

Please spread the word about the sketch class and model needs and join us for two hours of blissful drawing.

Submitted by Jacqueline Andes

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