Gibson Artists At the Ajo Library

An exhibition of the latest artistic offerings from the Gibson Neighborhood Artists opens this week at the Salazar – Ajo Library in Ajo, Arizona.

A reception hosted by the Ajo Library will take place in the library from 3:00 to 4:30 Saturday, February 7, 2015.

Mark this date to attend the opening reception and have a bit of fun.  Once again guests attending the reception can participate by writing their own titles for the work presented. Participating artists will give a brief talk about their work, also answer any questions posed plus possible future artistic plans.

"Thunder Across The Land" - Faye Gustafson

Among the participating artists …

John Cooper A photographer who seeks out the old and hidden relics as subjects for his photo art. In addition to this show, John has had his work included in juried exhibits.

Lynn Cooper With pen and ink, plus watercolor Lynn is always on the hunt for the perfect subject for her exquisite renderings and is regularly juried into art shows.

Rich Davis This is an artist who covers a lot of ground. From Alaska, and Washington State to the Sonoran Desert, Rich paints it all! He works in oil and his paintings also have been included in juried shows and is represented by Confluence Gallery and Art Center in Twisp, Washington.

Rene Cloutier and Wendee Cloutier They have traveled the world photographing places that many of us may only be able to see through their camera lens. They make even the most common everyday scene look exciting. Rene and Wendee have had their work included in International Photography Exhibitions.

Claire Bistline Working in pastel, acrylic, and oils Claire pursues a variety of subject matters. This exhibition includes one of her very popular rooster series. Claire has also had work in a number of juried art shows.

Terry Gonzales He chooses oils to create his colorful desert scenes. Terry’s paintings have also been included in a number of juried art shows.

Faye Gustafson She paints all things western, including portraits in oils, and also works in the mediums of sculpture and pencil. Faye exhibits in national and regional events and is a member of Oil Painters of America.

Linda Constant Robinson Her paintings can be described as expressionistic with a distinctive style that incorporates brilliant color, subconscious elements, mysticism and distorted realism. Emotion, color and compelling compositions form the basis of her work.

Who are the Gibson Artists?

We are a group of artists defined not by anything other than our neighborhood, Gibson. During the past 6 or 7 years we would get together each November for the yearly “Open Studio” event in Ajo and afterward we always talked about what a terrific time we had together.

At some point we approached the Salazar Library to hang our work and the library wanted us to have a name for PR purposes. Since we all lived in our Gibson neighborhood it was decided to add the word ‘artists’ to become ‘Gibson Artists’.

In addition to the library exhibitions the Gibson Artists originated the first Christmas Gift Store in Ajo which continued for 3 seasons. We are just a group of friends who love art. In fact once every year or two we all gather at the home of one of the artists and enjoy delicious appetizers and talk art! What sets Gibson Artists apart from most groups is we hold no monthly meetings or keep minutes of our activities.

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