Art in Action

Many of us don’t get to see artists at work very often, if at all. If you live in or visit Ajo, however, you’ll soon have many opportunities to see artists creating new pieces — right on the street.

Mike Baker, also known as DaWolf and Lonewolf, is currently painting a large mural along Highway 85, just south of the Plaza and directly across the street from 100 Estrella Restaurant.

DaWolf’s work is familiar to many in Ajo — one of his most recent pieces of street art features a lush tropical scene with a gorilla peering out from the vegetation.

Gorilla - Mike Baker

Right now he’s developing a piece to promote the Street Art Happening that will be a cornerstone of the upcoming Community Arts Gathering March 14-18, 2015.

Street artists will convene on Ajo during this event to paint their own murals along the alley and around the big building on the south side of the Plaza. It will be an amazing undertaking.

Creating large pieces like this is a lengthy undertaking — pressure washing the walls, applying a base coat, sketching in the design and then, finally, beginning to paint.

If you have the time, it’s definitely worth a visit. Grab a coffee or a pastry at the Oasis Cafe and wander over for a firsthand look.


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