Shindig Photo Contest 2015

Yes, it’s that time again — plans are underway for the annual Sonoran Shindig photography contest sponsored by the Cabeza Prieta Natural History Association. This year’s show will take place March 21, in the Plaza in Ajo, AZ.

Organizers are looking for entries in 6 categories:

  • Desert Plants
  • Desert Wildlife
  • Desert Places
  • Desert Patterns
  • Desert Landscapes
  • People in the Desert

All photos must have been taken in the Sonoran Desert and previous entries are not eligible. Photos can be in color, or black and white. They must be unframed and mounted on mat board. Printed frames are not acceptable.

We want to showcase the desert, not computer programs.  That being said, even Ansel Adams used a few tricks in the dark room.   So computer enhanced photos will be accepted. Photos may not have text, dates or other data on them.

You can see previous winners here and a copy of the entry form here. So grab your camera, head out to the desert and see what you can find. 🙂

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