Desert Photography Show

The Cabeza Prieta Natural History Association’s annual photography show opened March 7 and runs to March 19. It’s located in the foyer next to Art Under the Arches Gallery, in Ajo.

This show is part of the Sonoran Shindig, a festival celebrating the Sonoran Desert with live entertainment, food, vendors, informational booths and activities.

Both amateur and professional photographers are invited to submit entries in one of 6 categories. There is also a Best in Show winner.

Winners are chosen by popular vote. You can choose your favorites, mark them on the entry form and drop it in the ballot box. Winners will be announced at the Shindig in the Plaza on Saturday March 19.


April Challenge — Wendee Cloutier

Photographer Wendee Cloutier is perhaps best known for capturing nature and exotic travel locations, but as this photo shows she is also adept at capturing personal relationships. She calls this one “Family Package.”

What would you like to enter in the April Challenge?

Sonoran Shindig Photography Contest

Hey, photographers! Here is your heads-up alert for the 2014 Sonoran Shindig photo show to be held on March 22nd in the Ajo Plaza.

Get out your camera, head out into the desert and bring back that blue ribbon shot. Or look through your archives of past years’ pictures for your winning entry.

Here are the six photo show categories. Click on the links to see last year’s winners.

Any photo entered must have been taken in the Sonoran Desert. Previously entered photos are ineligible.

Photos can be in color, or black and white. They must be unframed, mounted on mat board. Printed frames are not acceptable. We want to showcase the desert, not computer programs. That being said, even Ansel Adams used a few tricks in the dark room. So computer enhanced photos will be accepted. Photos may not have text, dates or other data on them.

Acceptable photo format sizes are as follows — 8×10, 16×20 and 10×20 panorama. Entry forms, complete rules and entry deadline will be announced soon. Consider this your first alert for another fantastic photo show celebrating our Sonoran Desert.

Gopher snake

Photography by Katie Kerr

Katie Kerr is an amazing nature photographer. Stop by the Ajo library this month and you’ll be able to see some of her latest work.

She’ll also be giving a talk this Saturday at 10 AM at the library titled Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. She’ll speak not only about the image itself but how it is presented.

Katie says: “My basic thought is If I like it, then someone else may also. I don’t try to do something because I think it is what others may like. After all, I may be the one to take it home to hang it on my wall.” 😉

August Challenge

The summer is starting to fade here in northern climes — but there’s still time to take advantage of all it has to offer.

Our challenge to you this month (or what is left of it!) combines similar ideas from two artists. Marilyn Jackson suggested “Harvest” and Terry Gonzales suggested “Grow it. Paint it. Eat it.”

So that should give you lots of ideas. Remember this Challenge is open to all artists — in any medium. (For example, it could be “Grow it. Photograph it. Eat it.”) Here’s my entry in that category.


Look forward to seeing what you’re working on.

July Challenge — Mouse Catcher

I’m not sure if I could bead something for this month’s challenge but I can capture some of it in a photograph.

Our home in the woods is also home to wildlife. One of my favourite “neighbours” is the Great Grey Owl. Unlike many owls who awake just as we’re going to bed, the Great Grey is often seen during the day, especially when it’s overcast.

This handsome fellow spent several days hunting in our yard, perched on a poplar limb or sitting on the top rail of the garden fence.

Great Grey Owl

June Challenge — Northern Photo

Here’s another entry in the June Challenge. Photographer Wendee Paull Cloutier sent this photo of a tiny wild strawberry blossom from the Northwest Territories in Canada. She took the photo at Lake Niven, near Yellowknife.

Wild Strawberry Flower

Wendee writes: “It  took some looking but finally found a blossom. Spring is just starting  up here in the North. Great Slave Lake is frozen so no fresh Arctic Char on this trip.”

Desert People & Places

Here are the last two categories in the Sonoran Shindig photo contest — People in the Desert and Desert Places.

People in the Desert

Desert Places

Do you have some special shots of the desert you’d like to share here? Contact us for more info.

Desert Plants & Patterns

Here are the winning photographs in the next two categories of the Sonoran Shindig photo contest held earlier this year. Click on any image to see a  slide show or hover over a photo to see the title and photographer.

Desert Patterns

Desert Plants

Next up — People in the Desert & Desert Places