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Today’s guest post is by C.J. Shane who runs a site dedicated to the arts in the Sonoran Desert …

Greetings from the Old Pueblo!

Sonoran Arts NetworkMy name is Shane. I am a working artist, a writer, and publisher/editor of Sonoran Arts Network (SAN) based in Tucson.

Sonoran Arts Network is an on-line arts journal that provides in-depth coverage of the arts in all its many forms (visual arts, music, writing, theater, and more). Our territory is the Sonoran Desert bioregion of southern Arizona and northern Mexico (Casa Grande and south).

Our journal includes features on arts organizations and arts projects, interviews with artists, and reviews of current exhibitions. We also have a My Turn column where artists can comment on topics of importance to creative people including arts processes, the life of the artist, collaborative projects, arts education, etc., and also excerpts from literary just-published or works-in-progress, new poems, etc.

You can find out more about us by going to and systematically clicking on the tabs at the top, as well as reading the home page. We’ve been publishing since May 2013.

Sonoran Arts Network

Currently I am interested in expanding coverage of the arts outside of the Tucson metro area.  I will occasionally be contacting some of you for interviews in upcoming months or perhaps I’ll be writing a feature about your arts organizations.

Also I am looking for individuals who might be willing to write reviews of art events in your area. Examples are reviews of the comedy show presented by the Ajo Community Players (January 2015) or the “7th Annual Red Show.” (February 2015)  We are NOT looking for “art criticism” like you might see in a New York City art magazine. Instead, we take an “arts journalism” approach.

Our hope is that the community will read the informational review and be motivated to attend the performance or exhibit. The ultimate goal is that the public will want to support the arts.  Don’t worry about not having any experience. I am an experienced news reporter and editor, and I can help you.

Write for Sonoran Arts NetworkThe first and most important rule is to always get your facts right! Take a look at the Reviews tab on our website to read past reviews. This kind of writing is easier than you think, you learn a lot, you make friends (artists LOVE It when someone bothers to review their work), and most of all, writing about the arts is fun! Click on the Contributor Submissions for more information.

If you have suggestions or ideas, email me at  If you want to know more about me personally, check out my website at

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Contact me at

(Yes, everyone has called me by my last name since high school way back in the last century!)