Desert Photography Show

The Cabeza Prieta Natural History Association’s annual photography show opened March 7 and runs to March 19. It’s located in the foyer next to Art Under the Arches Gallery, in Ajo.

This show is part of the Sonoran Shindig, a festival celebrating the Sonoran Desert with live entertainment, food, vendors, informational booths and activities.

Both amateur and professional photographers are invited to submit entries in one of 6 categories. There is also a Best in Show winner.

Winners are chosen by popular vote. You can choose your favorites, mark them on the entry form and drop it in the ballot box. Winners will be announced at the Shindig in the Plaza on Saturday March 19.



Call for Artists — Heat Wave

Looking for ideas for the upcoming fall season? Check out Heat Wave —a celebration of the art and culture of the Sonoran Desert.

For more information and an application form, contact Jill Forenzini. (Look for “Heat Wave Helpful Links” in the righthand column.)

Click on the images below for a larger view.

Heat Wave page 1A

Heat Wave page 2

Where’s the Inspiration?

If you create art you’ve probably been asked where you get your ideas. That’s a question with many answers.

This necklace, my latest piece of beadwork, was inspired by recent hikes on the desert — there’s an amazing array of colors and shapes to choose from and part of the fun is working them into the design.

What’s inspiring you these days?

Hedgehogs in Bloom

These are special days on the desert — new flowers are popping out everywhere. Right now the hedgehog cacti are stealing the show.

If you’re thinking of entering the Sonoran Shindig photo contest next spring, now’s a good time to grab your camera. And if you’re a painter or watercolorist thinking about next February’s Red Show in the Plaza Gallery, there’s no shortage of inspiration out there.

Click on any photo to see larger views in slide show format.

The Desert Show

“The Desert” is the theme of the current art show at the Plaza Gallery in Ajo, AZ. It encompasses desert views through a variety of media — photographs, paintings, fabric, water colours and found objects.

Haven’t seen it yet? The show is up until Monday April 1st — no foolin’!

The next show — “Renewal” — runs April 5 to May 1. The opening reception is Friday April 5th, from 5 to 7. All are welcome!

Virtual Art Week 2: Cactus Flowers

I found this buckhorn cholla on the desert west of the Five Acres. Most of the buckhorn blooms I’ve seen have been yellow with a strip of red/magenta running the length of each petal.

But I was in for a surprise yesterday when I was out hiking — I actually found two cholla plants with this striking color.

And who be me? I’m Sally Banks, web master (or is that mistress:-)?) of this blog. I’m a beader and a photographer — captivated by color in all its varied hues.

Celebrating the Desert

In conjunction with the recent Tri-National Sonoran Desert Symposium, the Cafeteria Gallery mounted a show to celebrate this very special place..

I was particularly drawn to the watercolors by Sells, AZ artist Michael Chiago Sr. It’s the first time I’d seen his work — I loved the bright colors and the scenes he chose to depict. Others obviously did too. I saw lots of red “sold” stickers on his pieces.

Patty Tucker is another artist whose work draws in the eye. It’s constructed from a piece of palm frond. When I first saw this piece it reminded me of a giant moth resting on the wall. Neat stuff.

The desert certainly inspires new ways of looking at the world.