These resources have been suggested or recommended by artists.

Articles on various topics. No particular order. New items are added to the bottom of the list.

Websites and blogs that focus on the business of art.

    • ArtBusiness   Contains a treasure trove of articles on all aspects of the business of art.  Sally Banks
    • Red Dot Blog  Art marketing news for artists from Xanadu Gallery.  Jovita Wallace

A selection of sites that offer supplies for artists.

    • Papermart
      “Another supplier that I have used in the past.” Jacqueline Andes
    • Uline
      “A shipping and supply specialist, a company that I have purchased boxes and plastic bags from. They have thousands of items such as tissue paper, tape, too many to list.” Jacqueline Andes

As artists realize the importance of reaching out to a broader audience, many are setting up their own websites and/or blogs to market their work. Here are some to check out.

    • Blogger
      Google offers frees blogs at
    • FASO
      Fine Art Studio Online hosts artist websites. Several DAG members have sites here. It also offers information on marketing.
    • WordPress
      WordPress offers free blogs and for-a-fee websites. There is a learning curve to using WP but the site offers several tutorials to get you started. (This blog is hosted by WordPress.)

If you know of resources that might be of interest, we encourage you to share them here.


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