Vaudeville is Coming to Town

If you’re of a certain age you may remember vaudeville. And if you’re of another age, you might well ask, What the heck is that?

Vaudeville was very popular in the United States and Canada from the early 1880s to the early 1930s. It was what people enjoyed before movies, television, DVDs, Netflix and iPhones. It was live entertainment. It was fun. It was screwy. It was downright silly. Most of all it was entertaining

Vaudeville was the whole enchilada — comedians, dancers, magicians, trained animals, acrobats, singer, jugglers — anything and everything might appear on the theater stage right before your eyes.

And guess what? Vaudeville is alive and well in Ajo!

Even more amazing you could be part of this special and crazy evening. Do you recite poetry? Play an instrument? Sing? Act? Have a dog that does neat tricks? Well, drop down to the bottom of this post, fill out the form and join our very own Vaudeville 2014 show!

Vaudeville call for acts

An Evening at the Theater

How’s this for a deal? Three plays for the price of one — and all on the same night!

The Ajo Community Players are busy getting ready for the upcoming performances of their one-act plays on January 17th & 18th at the Dicus Auditorium.

The actors are rehearsing, sets are being painted, props and costumes are being collected, sound and lights are being arranged, and posters and tickets are ready to go. It will be a fun evening with three one-act plays and refreshments at intermission. We are hoping to have some original art work to raffle off as well. All in all, a big event, and we’re hoping for a big turnout.

We could really use your help as well. Please encourage as many other people as you can to come to these shows. We will have tickets available to sell, too, and we hope many of you will help us sell them.

The tickets go on sale December 27th, and will be priced at $8 in advance or $10 at the door. If you are interested in selling advance tickets, contact us and we’ll set you up. Tickets will also be available at the ACFA potluck this Sunday, along with posters to distribute.


Submitted by Sherri O’Hare

The Award-Winning Rocket!

They did it! Here’s the scoop from Sherri O’Hare, chief rocket wrangler for the 4th of July prize-winning float.

Rocket science sign 1 Hey!  This IS Rocket Science, in the annual 4th of July Parade, Ajo Arizona.  It took many “engineers” many hours to put the Rocket together and Launch it.

The weather was breezy but it was still a GO for Launch.  We did lose quite a few “heat shields” along the parade route, but we had “smoke” and “flames”, passed out flags and had a wonderful time.

Most of the Astronauts waited in the Beer Garden for the final judgment … we won 1st prize!

Thanks to all of you that helped out, in time spent, materials and space donated, and a great party afterward!

This is Mission Controller, Sherri O’Hare, signing out.

2  The beginnings of the rocket in Jim and Sherri’s shop.Rocket skeleton 3  It took many hands to apply all those “heat shields”.  Bob Harral, Sally Morrow, Donna Owen, Sylvia Tatman-Burruss, Jose Castillo, Jim Reiman. Working on the rocket 4  Project Engineers assembling backpacks and helmets.  George Costuck, Colleen King, Jose Castillo. Making the backpacks 5  Bob Harral, Lea Halverson and Donna Owen working on backpacks, while Sherri O’Hare and Victor Garcia work on the chalkboard signs in the background. The backpack workers 6  Eileen Costuck, George Costuck and Joyce Chaney working on helmets. Making helmets 7 We had some guest workers this week.  In addition to Bob Harral we were joined by Vivianna Grey and Mandy Dishman.  Jose, Sally, Jim and Joyce continue to work on helmets and backpacks. Rocket workers 8  Sign work continues with Victor Garcia and Mari Zimmermann. Sign workers 9  The time has come to move the rocket from the Vehicle Assembly Building (room 3 of the Retreat Center)  to the Launch Facility (Carol Yokum’s Garage).  Engineers involved include Jim Reiman, Mike Mekelburg, Dan Morrow and Aaron Mayson. Loading the rocket 10  Backing the rocket into the Launch Facility. Into Carol's garage 11  Mission Control (aka Aaron Mayson) hooking up the fog machine.  Yeah…we had real smoke! Mission control 12  Dan Morrow working on the propulsion system while Sally Morrow and Mari Zimmermann supervise. Decorating the trailer 13  We are Go for Launch!  Jim Reiman and Sherri O’Hare suiting up. Suiting up 14  Astronauts George Costuck, Lea Halverson and Eileen Costuck waiting for the Countdown to begin … Astronauts 15  The Crew of the ACFA 4th of July Moon Shot Mission:  Sherri O’Hare, Eileen Costuck, Mari Zimmermann, George Costuck, Donna Owen, Lea Halverson, Sally Morrow, Carol Yokum, Bob Harral, Jim Reiman, Mike Mekelburg, Aaron Mayson.

Rocket and crew

Back in the Swing

It was a long hot summer in Ajo. The desert is lush-looking after some amazing rainfalls and though the days are growing cooler and shorter other things are heating up, in particular the art scene.

You’ll find a listing of some of the upcoming events in the Calendar. The Ajo Community Players (ACP) have a potluck on November 18. And if you don’t get enough to eat there, the Ajo Council for the Fine Arts (ACFA) is having a welcome-back potluck November 30. If you’re interested in what’s happening in the art scene in Ajo, be sure to check these out.

The ACFA newsletter is back in business too. The first issue of the season will be out December 1. If you’re a paid-up member, it will appear in your computer’s inbox.

The Desert Artists Guild (DAG) is busy too. The Federated Church show is Saturday December 1. The next DAG meeting in early December will be at Diane Carnright’s studio. (More details to follow.)

If you have any arts-related news you’d like to share with others, please use the Contact Form here.