Ajo Street Art Happening — Part 3

It was a windy day in Ajo but that didn’t seem to hinder the artists working in the Plaza alley. I was amazed to see how some of the works had progressed since yesterday.

There were a lot of visitors today — some sauntered over after the Second Saturday and Ajo Regional Food Festival festivities, others came just to see the art and meet the artists.

Mike (DaWolf) Baker said some of the artists were working until nearly midnight last night. Some people brought refreshments, there was music and an all-round good evening. If you aren’t busy tonight, check out the art in the alley. 🙂


Katie Kerr Photographs

Kate Kerr is known for the color and striking clarity of her photographs. Her latest show, “Light & Color”, opened at the Ajo Public Library last week.

She gave a talk at the opening reception, outlining the cameras and techniques she uses to capture her images. “I use mainly a Nikon and an Olympus, ranging from 4 to 24 pixels, and usually on automatic settings.”

For editing she uses Picassa, a free program you can download from the internet. “I used to use some of the bigger photo editing programs but I found that Picassa gives me the tools I need and the natural colors I saw when I took the photo.”

Katie is currently upgrading her website so it’s offline for the next while but you can see some of her gorgeous work at the library. The show is up until the end of December and all the photos are for sale.

1-Acts Behind the Scenes

The recent 1 Acts series of three plays presented by the Ajo Community Players were a great hit. A few weeks ago producer Sherri O’Hare shared some thoughts and photos as the plays were in rehearsal. Here are some more behind-the-scenes shots.

The stage is set at the Dicus Auditorium in Ajo, Arizona. It was a great night attended by more than 190 patrons and more students than we’ve ever had.

Click on a photo to see a larger view or to start the slide show.


Murder by Midnight, written by Jeff Goode and directed by Marla Von Ettenberg. Dick Piston, hotel detective, has his hands full untangling this noir mystery.


A Growing Problem, written by Jeanette Farr-Harkins and directed by Donna Owen. Helen and Frank have started a relationship and their love has been growing but so has one of Helen’s plants — and this may present some problems.


A Night Among the Dead — Or Are They? Directed by Jim Reiman. Two grave diggers reminisce about the days gone by but are soon interrupted …

An Evening of Theatrical Intrigue

The Ajo Community Players are at it again! This time they’re producing three plays at once. This collection of one-act plays will hit the stage for two nights — January 17 and 18 — at the Dicus Auditorium in Ajo, AZ.

Murder By Midnight LogoMurder by Midnight
Hotel detective Dick Piston has his hands full with the clientele. “No man in his right mind would be alone in a room with a woman with a towel without at least a bottle of champagne and a half-order of oysters on the way.”

Growing Problem LogoA Growing Problem
Helen and Frank have started a relationship and their love has been growing for some time now. But so has one of Helen’s plants — and this may present some problems for their budding relationship. The thing is, Frank is a retired cop and Helen’s plant may be slightly illegal.

A Night Among the Dead — Or Are They?A Night Among The Dead Logo
A couple of old grave diggers, one retired and one soon to be,  share memories in the cemetery on a cool fall evening.  Until the not-quite-dead start arriving and interrupting the evening’s chit-chat.  Everyone has their hands full after that – including the audience!

Mark the dates on your calendar  and join us for an evening of murderously good fun!

Wrestling the Lettuce Lady

On September 27th Ajoites enjoyed free grilled corn and tepary bean quesadillas, corn cob painting, martial arts demonstrations and children’s activities. There was even an arm wrestling match between Mr. French Fries and Ms Lettuce.

Lettuce Wrestles French Fries These activities were generated to engage community in the Plaza Gallery comic book exhibit on diabetes prevention, It’s Up 2 You! 

It's Up To You

This exhibit is part of Morgana Wallace Cooper’s project “Skins”. And the activities don’t end there. For the month of October and part of November, Wallace Cooper and partnering artists will be working with local school groups, organizations, and training programs, to make art in support of the food and gardening movement taking place in Ajo.

The purpose of the project is to reach community wide goals, mainly to improve the overall diet of our community members, to increase awareness of where our food comes from both geographically and culturally, and to increase social health and community involvement, through art activities.

The project is funded in large part by the Arizona Commission on the Arts. Activities at the Ajo Library are open to all and include paper making, haiku poetry, drawing, sculpting, and eating!

Wallace Cooper says, “After this Fall round of art making we will use our ideas and designs to create public sculpture and functional art in the Winter and Spring that will beautify our community garden and public spaces.”

Check out the calendar for a full listing of “Skins” activities at the Ajo Library.

The Desert Show

“The Desert” is the theme of the current art show at the Plaza Gallery in Ajo, AZ. It encompasses desert views through a variety of media — photographs, paintings, fabric, water colours and found objects.

Haven’t seen it yet? The show is up until Monday April 1st — no foolin’!

The next show — “Renewal” — runs April 5 to May 1. The opening reception is Friday April 5th, from 5 to 7. All are welcome!

New Gallery Opens in Ajo

Just For Ajo Artists!  That was the wording on the invitation to yesterday’s special opening. It was a first opportunity for artists to see what a show would look like in the new Plaza Gallery.

Until last summer the Cafeteria Gallery was the main home for art shows in Ajo. However, that space became dedicated to another use and it seemed that artists were going to be without a place for shows.

Long story short? Artists now have a new home, and one with much more exposure to potential buyers. While the Cafeteria Gallery was enjoyed by many it was not on a well-travelled road and many people were unaware of it.

The Plaza Gallery is, as its name suggests, in the Plaza — and the Plaza is right in the heart of Ajo. It’s a popular spot for townsfolk and visitors alike and sure to draw far more people than the Cafeteria Gallery.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Val Uschuk spearheaded this first show in conjunction with ISDA (International Sonoran Desert Alliance). She and her co-workers did a wonderful job hanging the work. Judging by comments at the opening, the show and the space are a success.

In addition to hanging art on the walls, artists began talking about how to use the open space in other ways.

Some said they’d like to set up easels or tables to demonstrate their work. Others suggested offering classes. Some thought it would be fun to have a regular informal gathering of artists where they could work and visit with each other.

With ideas already percolating, it’s an exciting time to be making art in Ajo!

Back in the Swing

It was a long hot summer in Ajo. The desert is lush-looking after some amazing rainfalls and though the days are growing cooler and shorter other things are heating up, in particular the art scene.

You’ll find a listing of some of the upcoming events in the Calendar. The Ajo Community Players (ACP) have a potluck on November 18. And if you don’t get enough to eat there, the Ajo Council for the Fine Arts (ACFA) is having a welcome-back potluck November 30. If you’re interested in what’s happening in the art scene in Ajo, be sure to check these out.

The ACFA newsletter is back in business too. The first issue of the season will be out December 1. If you’re a paid-up member, it will appear in your computer’s inbox.

The Desert Artists Guild (DAG) is busy too. The Federated Church show is Saturday December 1. The next DAG meeting in early December will be at Diane Carnright’s studio. (More details to follow.)

If you have any arts-related news you’d like to share with others, please use the Contact Form here.