Artful Intentions for 2015

The turning of the clock and the calendar brings us another new year, full of promise.

And procrastination.

Where will the next year find you on your artful journey? The next month? The next week? How about just today?

Leave a comment here and share what you’re hoping to accomplish in the next while. (“Next while” can be any time frame you want. Okay, maybe something longer than an hour. But you choose.)

If you don’t wanna go public, write yourself a letter. State your intention, give a date when you hope to achieve your goal, then seal the letter. Mark the “end” date on the calendar. When that day rolls around open the note. Did you actually do what you said you’d do?

Maybe you have a lump of clay waiting. Perhaps you need to clean out your digital photo file. Is there a water color that you just never got around to finishing?

My intention is to clean up my work space by Sunday. That gives me about 3 days to do what I haven’t done for the last month. I’ve got lots of good reasons (okay, let’s call ’em what they are — excuses) why I haven’t done it.

I’d be more likely to use those tools if it wasn’t such a mess. To produce something artful. Or not. One can’t always choose what will evolve once you set finger to keyboard, brush to paper, spin the potter’s wheel, peer through the lens.

But it’s gotta be more than if you Did Nothing.

Now I’ve made my intention known. Hold my feet to the fire.